If you have attended the Sanibel Symposium in person or via the live webcast, your CME certificates will be available approximately two (2) weeks after the event is completed.  We have to load these certificates online individually and analyze the attendance record, so this is the reason it can take up to two weeks.  The link for the CME Certificates is provided below.  If you are not able to access your certificate, you may email us, but please wait until 2-3 weeks after the meeting is completed. We get a lot of requests for help, and we have to fix any problems individually.

If you are a Perfusion.com premium member, it’s possible that if your membership as expired, you might not be able to access your certificate.  If this happens, you can either renew your membership or contact us, and we will have downgrade your member level.

Another factor to consider it that if you have multiple profiles on the Perfusion.com website, we may have added your certificate to the wrong profile. We endeavor to add your certificate to “all” profiles, but it’s possible for us to make a mistake. This is something we also need to correct manually.