1. All speakers should complete the online abstract form by the abstract deadline date.
  2. Honorarium or reimbursement for speakers is determined at the sole discretion of the conference committee.
  3. As a general rule, conference registration is waived for all speakers.
  4. Speakers are responsible for making their own travel arrangements, including hotel reservations.
  5. Speakers are required to report to the meeting at least one hour prior to their presentation time slot.
  6. Your presentation should be provided to our AV team on a USB “thumb” drive.  CD or DVD media is not acceptable.
  7. Presentations should be widescreen format in PowerPoint 16×9 aspect ratio. We no longer use 4:3 aspect ratio.
  8. The introduction to your presentation should clearly state all disclosures.
  9. Due to the live webcast, speakers are expected to speak from the podium and not move around the room.
  10. You may use your own laptop if necessary, but please provide a copy of your PowerPoint to our AV team.
  11. If you want to use an iPad or Mac, please bring the necessary HDMI adapter for your device. Please note we no longer use VGA!
  12. If you have embedded video in your presentation or other special requirements, please notify our AV team in advance.
  13. Following your presentation, there will be an opportunity for audience and webcast attendee questions.
  14. Please address any questions you have in advance of the event.
  15. A copy of your speaker evaluation will be provided upon request.

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