Speaker Evaluation 2021

  • Please rate the speakers in the table format below (Listed in Presentation Order). PLEASE RATE ANY SPEAKERS YOU MISSED AS "NOT VIEWED".
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    Michael Moront, MD
    Matthew L. Paden, MD
    Daniel Brodie, MD
    Justyna Swol, M.D. Ph.D.
    Akram Zaaqoq, MD
    Robert Lorusso MD, PhD
    Jeffrey Riley
    Serdar Gunaydin, MD, PhD
    Akram Zaaqoq, MD
    Prof. Dr. Filip De Somer, PhD
    Dean Wennerberg, MS
    Serdar Gunaydin, MD, PhD
    Claus Juergen Preusse, MD, PhD
    J.W. Awori Hayanga, MD
    Emily Farkas, MD
    Sandeep M. Patel, MD
    John Sirak, MD
    Richard Tallman, PhD
    Jeffrey Riley
    David Sturmer
    Eva Casamento
    Jim Komsa
    Alan Chen
    Marc Priest
    Jeff Summers
    Tom Shannon
    Elizabeth Martin
    Patrick Ferguson
    Jeff Light
    Marcello Piso, CCP
    Jonathan Waters, MD
    Bruce D. Spiess, MD
    Brian White, CCP
    Candace Mcadams
    Paul Uhlig, MD
    David Norris, MD #1
    David Norris, MD #2
    Eric Kriner, BS, RRT
    Benjamin W. Smith
    Luc Puis, ECCP
    Bradley Kulat, CCP
    James DuMont
    Madeleine Woomer
    Brandon Geurts
    Cesar Delgado
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