Speaker Evaluation 2019

  • Please rate the speakers in the table format below (Listed in Presentation Order). PLEASE RATE ANY SPEAKERS YOU MISSED AS "NOT VIEWED".
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    Kevin McCusker Ph.D., CCP
    Serdar Gunaydin, MD, PhD
    Michael Harper, MD
    William Harris, CCP
    L. Keith Scott, MD
    Farzad Najam, MD
    Elsayed Abo-Salem, MD
    Chris Dacey, CCP
    Steve Conrad, MD
    Jeffrey B. Riley MHPE, CCP
    Robert Bartlett, MD
    William Nicotra, CCP
    Joe Deily, PA
    L. Keith Scott, MD (Shark Tank)
    David Fallen
    Kacey Dee
    David Fitzgerald, MPH, CCP
    L. Keith Scott, MD
    Jeffrey B. Riley MHPE, CCP
    Susan J. Englert, CCP
    Dr. Tony Shackelford
    David Fitzgerald, MPH, CCP
    Dr. Tony Shackelford
    Jim Halbleib
    Courtney Fischer, CPC, CCP
    Larry Petree
    Gary Allen, MD
    Adam Blakey, CCP
    Crystal Humes
    Roger Delong
    Ashley Hodge, CCP, MBA
    Paul DiGiorgi, MD
    Brian Hummel, MD
    Catherine Lunsford, CCP and William Cooper, MD
    Michael Colligan, RN, MS, CCP
    Basel Ramlawi, MD
    Michael Colligan, RN, MS, CCP
    Benjamin Greenfield, MPS, LP, CCP
    Rory Hall
    Logan Abrams
    Swina Sunny
    Robert Lorandini, MS
    Jessica Abellera, MS
    Heena Rana
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    Room rates
    Meeting space
    Exhibitor space
    Audio visual
    Quality of subject matter
    Overall program effectiveness
    Overall quality of webcast
    Room quality
    Meeting facilities
    Temperature of meeting space
    Overall quality of hotel
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