Peter M. Zuck, CCP, RN, CPBMT

Marco Polizzi, RN, MHA, LHRN

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated with a BA from Washington University with a major in architectural design. I received my RN from Barnes Hospital, part of the Washington University Medical Center, where I worked in open heart surgery as a scrub and circulating nurse.  I graduated from Texas Heart Institute in 1988 and received a BS from the University of Texas in perfusion technology. I’ve worked in Southwest Florida as a perfusionist ever since and am currently employed as the Chief Human Resource Officer for, Inc.  I’m a former executive board member of the Florida Perfusion Society and practice perfusion at Health Park Medical Center and Naples Community Hospital. I’m a retired rugby player, advanced scuba diver, NRA instructor, and an avid golfer.